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Ladies I believe I’ve hit the jackpot!! Well maybe not literally but I have found something totally awesome!  Recently I came across a greatly organized group on Facebook, where women sell their pre-loved high end designer items including purses! And their main focus is on the most wanted Louis Vuitton Handbags.  I mean what woman doesn’t want to have at least one of those beauties!  If you’ve ever dreamed of getting a LV bag this could be your answer.

Let’s admit it these much wanted purses can be very pricey, and unfortunately some of us can’t spend so much money at once.  Well the good thing about this group is that a lot of the ladies in the group selling their pre-loved purses will accept payments!! I know you’re probably thinking “Just get a credit card and buy a new one” Well some people don’t have good credit or a credit card to be able to do that.

Now I know there are people that think that in order to have a designer brand purse you have to be rich! Well people you are WRONG!!  All it really takes is EFFORT and DESIRE.  The desire to want one and the effort to work for what you want.  For us stay at home moms work usually means convincing our hubby (I’ve already put in my request! Lol), or maybe even selling stuff you don’t use anymore.  But there is always a way.

A few things to keep in mind about the group:

  • The sellers post will usually say if they have a payment plan for the item they are selling.
  • No replicas/ fakes only authentic High End Designer items.
  • Don’t make rude comments or you will be blocked from the group.

Ladies please keep in mind that having high end handbags or clothes doesn’t define us.  It’s our way of being that defines us.  You can have the most expensive clothes and purses in the world, but that won’t make you a better person is you have an effed up attitude! So ladies always remember like the famous Coco Chanel said “A girl should be two things CLASSY & FABULOUS!!

Click here to join this awesome group!

Hasta luego Hermosas! Besos!!

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