Coconut Oil & its Wonders!!

I recently heard coconut oil is beneficial for many things and can be used in different ways as well. So I decided to try it out myself. Turns out you can use it for cooking because it has those healthy fats we all need. And for us beauty fanatics wanting to keep our skin looking young, coconut oil is your answer!!

Here are a few ways you can use coconut oil for your daily beauty routine:

  • Moisturizer- use it at night or morning before applying make-up. (Your face will feel oily at first because it is oil, but once it soaks in your face will feel really soft.)
  • Make-up Remover- apply to a cotton ball and wipe away!
  • Lip Balm
  • Massage oil- works great because it doesn’t clog your pores and won’t dry fast
  • Stretch Mark Reducer- I’m still trying this one out we all know there’s no magic potion to get rid of our tiger stripes, but it’s said they can be somewhat faded.
  • deep hair conditioner- apply to hair and leave in for 15- 20 minutes and then shampoo your hair.
  • hair detangler- it works like a charm on my girls’ hair just don’t put too much it can leave the hair super oily, a little bit goes a long way!
  • Hair Anti-Frizz


Well ladies this is how I have used coconut oil so far.  It can be used for many other things and the best thing is it’s all natural!!

Have you Beautiful ladies tried coconut oil?? How have you used it??

(Chicas!! I’m gonna keep trying new ways to use it, and let y’all know how it goes!!)

Besos Chicas!! Hasta Luego!

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