Cruisin Down the Street with My Baby!!

Yesterday Baby Leilani turned 6 months!! I can’t believe how fast time has gone by. She has brought much joy to our family! She has gotten plenty of smiles from me of course but we have also cried together! I know weird! I’ll explain, like yesterday on my way home she wasn’t having it!! She just wouldn’t stop crying!! I knew she wasn’t hungry because I had just fed her before we left my Suegra’s house. So I just kept driving hoping she would stop crying.

Has your baby ever cried so much and you tried everything in your book to make him/ her stop crying and nothing worked and then your tears start coming out. These are not sadness tears they’re more than likely frustration tears! Frustration tears because you don’t know what else to do! Yup! that has been me a couple of times. why is it that baby’s tend to cry at all the wrong times or is it just my baby doing it?! I swear it never fails!! She’s perfectly fine at home and then we get in the car and she starts crying!! Well maybe not all the time but it does happen often!! When I leave my house I usually have to do it around her schedule. By the time I leave the house she has to have clean clothes on, clean diaper, and has to be fed that way by the time we get in the car she should be ready to nap. But what happens when you’re out driving and baby starts crying?? Do you keep driving hoping she falls asleep or do you pull over to see what’s wrong with her?? I’ve always wondered what other mommys do.

When this happens to me if I know its feeding time I usually park at a shopping center so I can feed her. Good thing I’m still breastfeeding so I don’t have to prepare any bottles for her. Once I’m done feeding her I change her diaper and then get back on the road. Now if she just starts crying out of the blue then I just let her cry until she falls asleep! I’ll admit that yes it is frustrating but that’s what babies do they cry! They cry for hunger, for a diaper change, fuzziness, boredom, or when they just want to be held and cuddled. She usually just wants to be carried but of course I can’t carry her while I’m driving. When I’m with hubby then I do carry her.  Don’t judge me she’s my baby and if I want to carry her all the time I will do it!  They’re only babies for a while and I plan on enjoying her baby days to the fullest!

So tell me, what do you do when your baby starts crying at the wrong times and just won’t stop crying?  Have you cried with your baby too?  Or am I the only weird one? lol


My Title Inspiration:

Yesterday while baby was crying on our way home, I don’t know why but then I had Eazy-E’s beat in my head!! You know the one that says “Cruisin down the street in my 64″lol well yeah that’s where I got my title inspiration LoL. So if you sang my title don’t feel bad I did too!!

Thank You for Reading Chicas!! Besos



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