Morning Moods!

Why is it that Mondays tend to be the day everyone is dragging! Nobody wants to go back to work, we just want to stay in our beds! I know I wanted to this morning. But I have to fight my urge of staying in bed because if I do I tend to feel lazy the rest of the day and that is not good!!  So what do I do when I feel all types of lazy in the mornings??

Take an early shower.  Sometimes just washing your face in the morning doesn’t really wake you up, but take a shower and you’ll feel much better.  It works out for me! 😉

Turn on the Jams!  Whether you listen to hip-hop, Cumbias, Tejano or whatever it is you like.  Music will get you dancing and out of your bed in no time!  I have to say listening to music is the best way to clean the house, cook, and workout!

Open my Curtains, it has been proven that sunlight is an immediate energy booster! Trust me you will be surprised what opening your curtains can do!

Get Pretty!  Who said you have to go somewhere to do your hair and make-up??NOBODY!!  Arreglate Mujer!  Make yourself look pretty!! Do your hair and put on some make-up!  You don’t have to go all out and get all fancy but at least do enough to make you feel good about yourself!


What do you do to get up and going in the Mornings?  What works best for you?

Thank You Ladies! Until next time! Besos!!


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